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I liked this when it came out and I still check on it from time to time hehe, is it going to be continued? I'd love to see where the story goes but the rest of your artwork is amazing too

Not in the nearest future, I've got other ideas I'd like to explore 
I may get back to it one day, but I don't promise anything

Don't worry hehe, I hope you're doing great!

ah, this was such a nice demo. hope to see more of it, its quite fun to play!

is it still being worked on?

A lot of stuff happened and I'm planning on reworking this project from scratch

awww, alright take your time I loved the demo so im sure the rework is worth the wait


Cute artwork, but I can't tell the men from the women. The men's pecs look like breasts

I just can't wait for the full release ^^

hi is this still being made? how long is the demo

I'm steadily working on it and the demo is quite short.

When will the full release be available?


I'm working on the game in my free time and it's hard for me to tell when I'll be done '^^

Holy cow, loved the demo! I love the style! The art is amazing and the protagonist is adorable! Can't wait to play the full game!

I enjoyed the demo so far, looking forward to the full game ovo I'm actually kinda interested in what role the knight at the beginning will play since she has a full sprite...

My favorite has been the first son so far, can't wait to see more!



This sounds amazing and fun!


It looks adorable right?!